Teach your dog to be amazing – not ordinary! Wouldn’t it be great to understand why your dog pulls you on walks, chews everything, barks uncontrollably, jumps up on people, and how to fix it? Wouldn’t you love to have your dog listen to, and obey you consistently, no matter where you are? I can help.

How We Train

Dogs are pack animals and require strong leadership. Through respect-based training, I will educate you how to become a strong leader for your dog and establish a bond with your dog based on mutual respect and trust. When you fulfill your dogs’ needs, and earn its respect, they will obey you consistently – not because they are forced or bribed – but because they want to.

Dogs learn through body language, first and foremost. Using the umbilical and other methods, your dog will learn to respond to your body movement and pay careful attention to you.

I train outdoors in the real world, for real life. Your dog will be exposed to new surroundings and experiences weekly, building your dog’s confidence and ensuring consistent obedience, regardless of where you are. I’ll show you how to incorporate training into your everyday life – and make it fun and interesting for both you and your dog!

Dogs need socialization. Proper socialization skills are key to having a well-rounded, well-mannered dog. You’ll learn how to properly socialize your dog with others. Group classes are an excellent way for your dog to meet new dog-friends, and learn to behave within a pack. I encourage clients and their dogs to socialize outside of class too!

Your dog is unique – and should be trained as an individual. We’ll work together to understand your dog’s unique personality and needs, and give you the personal attention required to achieve success with your dog.

Dogs need mental stimulation and physical exercise. Together, we will teach your dog to think for him/herself and “learn” the behaviour you expect of them, all the while giving them the physical exercise they need.

No treats, no bribes, no gimmicks. When you put in the effort required to train your dog properly, you will have rewarding, long-term success.

Training should be FUN! We’ll find activities that you’ll both find enjoyable outdoors. When you have fun, your dog has fun too!

Everyone in your family should be involved – even the kids! I encourage everyone the dog’s household to participate in training. It’s important for the dog to learn its place within the family, and to educate all family members (especially kids) on how to properly work with the dog.

What you need: A 30-foot long line will be provided for group classes. A collar and 6 foot leash will also be required, but will not be provided. We will determine which collar and leash is best suited to your dog, and you will be asked to purchase one at your local pet store, or during class if stock is available.

Class Schedule

Now accepting registrations for group classes beginning April 2015.

Contact us for full details.

Drop in to a Class

Prospective clients and their dogs are welcome to drop in to a current group class at any time.

Drop-in classes are also great for clients who have already completed a full group class, but would like a quick refresher in one or more areas.

Cost: Free


If you don’t see the answer to your question below, please contact me and I’d be happy to answer your question(s) personally.

What is a Certified Trainer and why should I work with one?

Certified Trainers are professional dog trainers that have completed formal schooling/training, and “certification” from those courses. I am constantly taking new workshops, seminars and courses with other trainers to ensure I am constantly learning new ways to help clients and their dogs. I am a believe that no one magic method works for everyone. Just like you, your dog is an individual and should be treated that way when training.

What kind of support will I get from you, the trainer?

I work hard to ensure that my clients always receive 110% from my classes and private sessions. In addition to offering you personal attention in group classes/private sessions, as needed, I am also available to all my clients by phone for questions or concerns about your dog, both during and after you have completed a group class or private session(s). I want you to have success with your dog – and I will be there to help ensure you achieve it!

What tools do you train with?

The primary tools that I use are 30-foot long lines (provided for group classes), 6 foot nylon leads, and martingale collars. However, I also use other tools, as required, depending on a dog’s unique and individual needs. These tools include Haltis, Prong Collars, English Slip Leads, and more. I also use verbal and physical praise to help understand when your dog has done well. I do not use treats as a reward for training.

What is a long line?

The long lines I use are 30-50 feet rope style leads. They allow us to work with your dog at a distance while keeping them safe.

What is a martingale collar?

A martingale collar has both a flat nylon portion, and a chain portion.

Do you sell martingale collars and 6-foot nylon leashes?

Yes. I sell my own line of leashes and collars – which are of the highest quality on the market. They can be purchased from me during group classes or private sessions.

Can any dog use a martingale collar?

Yes and No. The martingale collar is safe and appropriate for dogs of all ages, sizes, and breeds. When sized properly, the martingale collar is one of the only collars that the dog cannot slip out of. However, if your dog has a health condition (i.e. collapsed trachea) I may recommend another tool that will not affect your dog’s medical condition.

What is umbilical training?

Umbilical training is done “hands free” by having the leash around your hips and clipped to the martingale collar (or other collar if deemed appropriate). Umbilical training teaches your dog to respond to your body movement – the way dogs learn first and foremost. Done properly, you will have much better control of your dog, and reduce your risk of injury during training if your dog pulls. Plus, since this training is “hands-free”, you can easily walk your dog, carry your coffee, talk on your cell phone, all while keeping your dog safe and paying attention to you.

Where do you hold your group classes and private sessions?

Group classes are held at a variety of locations throughout Mississauga and Etobicoke. Private Sessions can be done in-home or at a mutually agreed upon location. I am happy to travel anywhere in Mississauga, Etobicoke, Oakville, and Brampton, and may be able to travel further distances if required.

Do you offer puppy classes?

My group class is appropriate for dogs of all ages, sizes and breeds. From a socialization and learning perspective, puppies benefit highly from being around dogs of varying ages and sizes. I will adjust many of the exercises to suit your puppy’s ability and skill level. You do not have to have taken any “puppy” classes to join a group class.

Do I need to have taken any puppy classes, or introduction classes before taking your Group Class?

No. The Group Class provides more education and information than 2+ levels of many other obedience courses. In this course, you will learn everything from basic obedience, to off-lead basics, to urban agility and more.

What if my dog doesn’t get along with other dogs?

If you are concerned about your dog interacting with other dogs, please call me and we can discuss some options for you and your dog. Group Class is an excellent way to socialize your dog with others; however, you may wish to begin with private training and drop-in to a few group classes to try it out, before signing up for a full 9-week course. I will always work with you to do what is best for your dog.

How many private sessions do I need?

There is no minimum or maximum required for private sessions; the number of sessions needed is dependent on your goals for your dog, and the level of commitment and time you are willing to invest with your dog to achieve success. Typically, one private session (includes a follow up visit) is sufficient to achieve success; In one session we will establish your goals and build a specific training plan to get your started, and in the follow up, we can review your progress and adjust your plan as needed to ensure you have success with your dog going forward. I am happy to do additional private sessions if you feel you want to change your goals, or if you would like further assistance and support.