Get ready to have fun training your dog! Group Classes and Private Sessions are available to suit your schedule and needs. Pre-Adoption counseling is also available if you don’t have a dog yet, but would like help determining which dog is right for you.

Collars and leashes are available for purchase during classes/sessions, or can be purchased at your local pet store.

Group Class

Dogs of all ages, sizes, and breeds are welcome.

This course covers more information than 2+ levels of many other obedience courses. This unique course is held outdoors in public places – with real distractions. We introduce your dog to new environments weekly to ensure your dog is well-mannered, no matter where you are.

Course Length: 9 weeks, once weekly for 1 hour each class (please note two of the classes are 2+ hours in length). The first class is a sit-down discussion WITHOUT your dog.

Curriculum: In addition to basic obedience (i.e. sit, stay, come), this course teaches:

  • How to be a strong leader for your dog
  • Overcoming common behavioral issues (i.e. excessive barking, jumping up, separation anxiety, excessive chewing, nipping, housebreaking, and more).
  • How to get your dog’s attention on walks and eliminate pulling on lead.
  • Walking your dog with mobility devices (strollers, wheelchairs, crutches, etc).
  • Socialization with other dogs.
  • Socializing your dog with infants/children, and teaching children how to safely interact with dogs.
  • Safe street crossings, and how to keep your dog safe in public places.
  • Understanding your dog’s body language.
  • Urban agility – fun ways to exercise your dog’s body and mind.
  • How to build a bond with your dog based on mutual respect and trust, while learning to identify and fulfill your dog’s needs.
  • Patience-training and confidence-building in real-world situations.
  • Off-lead basics (includes an educational group off-lead hike)
  • And so much more!

Location: Various locations in Mississauga and Etobicoke.

Please wear appropriate clothing and footwear for the forecasted weather and terrain, and come prepared to get moving with your dog! Classes will be cancelled for thunderstorms or weather colder than -15 degrees Celsius. Otherwise, come on out and we’ll have fun no matter the weather.

Cost: $350/dog. This price includes a 30-foot long line ($35 value) required for the course. During the first class discussion, clients will be advised of the type of leash/collar they will need to purchase – available at any local pet store, or through Canine Ways Inc. during class.

Multiple Dog Discount (2 or more dogs in the same household): $300/dog

Puppy Training

Congratulations on your new puppy! Many people wonder how long they should wait before they start training their puppy. The answer is: Don’t wait – start now!

Puppies require training and socialization right away in order to become well-balanced, well-mannered dogs. Right from the start, it’s important to be a strong leader for your puppy, and begin building a solid bond.

Having a young puppy can create a whirlwind of emotions. One minute you think they’re adorable and innocent, and the next you’re utterly frustrated and want to pull your hair out because the puppy is nipping you and peeing on the carpet. I can help you to understand your puppy’s behaviour, and show you how to prevent and overcome many common behavioural issues.

While private sessions are highly beneficial, I recommend that all clients with puppies join a Group Class. This 9-week course exposes your puppy to a variety of environments and situations early on, teaching them to be a well-mannered family pet, both inside and outside your home. In addition to obedience training, group classes cover many topics and tips relevant to new puppy owners including crate training and housebreaking, nipping/biting, jumping up, walking on-lead, excessive chewing, uncontrollable barking, grooming, feeding, and socialization.

Learn more about Group Classes

Private Sessions

If your schedule does not permit you to commit to a 9-week class, or if you’re unsure if your dog is ready for group classes, private training is available. A private session includes an initial 2 hour visit, and a 30-60 minute follow up visit 30 days after the initial visit. During the first visit, we will address your dog’s specific issues/concerns and create a unique plan for you to work on with your dog. We will schedule a 30 day follow up visit to check on progress and make adjustments as needed. During the 30 days, you may contact me at any time, and I will periodically check in with you for updates to ensure you are managing the plan well. Private sessions can be done in-home or at a mutually agreed upon location. I am happy to travel anywhere in Mississauga, Etobicoke, Oakville, and Brampton, and may be able to travel further distances if required, for a nominal travel fee.

Cost: $150

If you have had a private session including a 30 day follow up and would like to continue with periodic visits, each 30-60 minute follow up visit will be $50.

Pre-Adoption Counseling

Never owned a dog? Not sure which breed or type of dog is right for you, your family, and your lifestyle? Unsure of whether you should adopt a puppy or an adult dog? During this 1.5-2 hour pre-adoption counseling session, I will help you determine the right dog for you, and provide you with resources on how to go about adopting a dog, or direct you to a reputable breeder for a puppy. Pre-Adoption Counseling can be done in-home or at a mutually agreed upon location. I am happy to travel anywhere in Mississauga, Etobicoke, Oakville, and Brampton, and may be able to travel further distances if required for a small travel fee.

Cost: $50

As a Veterinary Assistant, I am pleased to offer nail trims before or after classes (includes clipping and/or grinding if needed).

Cost: $10